Website Redesign / 2014

Sirimedia is a one-stop service company which effectively target tablet users and drive brand sensitive applications on digital media with creative design, friendly graphic user interface, interactive programming and platform solutions. Today, they have world-wide network. There are offices in Bangkok, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Seoul, Singapore, Jakarta, and representation in Scandinavia, Germany, Russia, the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

When they approached me, their website lacked own able identity. Their existing brand lacked storytelling around their values and extensive platform capabilities. My challenge was to redesign the website to match their core identity with the concept of single column and transformation which means moving from traditional publishing to digital. The art direction of website uses viewing one main content per page as same as in digital publishing on tablet in order to make users have the same browsing experience in every device.


Sirimedia Wireframe

Final Design

Sirimedia Typography and Colour
Sirimedia Navigation
Sirimedia Pages